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Client API

abstract class Client {
// ---------- Methods ----------------------------------------------- //

// initializes the client with persisted storage and a network connection
public abstract init(): Promise<void>;

// register a blockchain account with a public key / returns the public key
public abstract register(params: {
account: string;
private?: boolean;
}): Promise<string>;

// queries the default keyserver with a blockchain account / returns the public key
public abstract resolve(params: {
account: string;
}): Promise<string>;

// sends a chat invite to peer account / returns an invite id
// Stores the invite in a separate store for pendingThreads
public abstract invite(params: {
account: string;
invite: Invite;
}): Promise<number>;

// accepts a chat invite by id / returns thread topic
public abstract accept(params: {
inviteId: number;
}): Promise<string>;

// rejects a chat invite by id
public abstract reject(params: {
inviteId: string;
}): Promise<void>;

// sends a chat message to an active chat thread
public abstract message(params: {
topic: string;
message: string;
media?: Media
}): Promise<void>;

// ping its peer to evaluate if it's currently online
public abstract ping(params: {
topic: string;
}): Promise<void>

// leaves a chat thread and stops receiving messages
public abstract leave(params: {
topic: string;
}): Promise<void>;

// adds peer account with public key
public abstract addContact(params: {
account: string;
publicKey: string;
}): Promise<void>

// returns all invites matching an account / returns maps of invites indexed by id
public abstract getInvites(params: {
account: string;
}): Promise<Map<string, Invite>>

// returns all threads matching an account / returns map of threads indexed by topic
public abstract getThreads(params: {
account: string;
}): Promise<Map<string, Thread>>;

// returns all pending threads for currently managed account / returns map of threads indexed by topic
public abstract getPendingThreads(): Promise<Map<string, PendingOrRejectedThread>>;

// returns all messages matching a thread's topic / returns array of messages
public abstract getMessages(params: {
topic: string;
}): Promise<[Message]>;

// ---------- Events ----------------------------------------------- //

// subscribe to new chat invites received
public abstract on("chat_invite", ({ id: number, invite: Invite }) => {}): void;

// subscribe to new chat thread joined
public abstract on("chat_joined", ({ topic: string }) => {}): void;

// subscribe to new chat messages received
public abstract on("chat_message", ({ topic: string, payload: Message }) => {}): void;

// subscribe to new chat thread left
public abstract on("chat_left", ({ topic: string }) => {}): void;