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Core API Overview


Core API consolidates several core modules that are shared between all other high-level APIs available to developers on WalletConnect 2.0

Core Modules

Relay API

Relay API is a low-level publish-subscribe module shared by the other APIs in order to send and receive encoded messages between peers using a decentralized messaging network.

Crypto API

Crypto API exposes methods for managing keys on the keychain, deriving shared symmetric keys with X25519, encrypting and decrypting payloads with ChaCha20-Poly1035 using typed envelopes and finally authenticating the client using ed25519 did-jwt

Storage API

Storage API enables high-level APIs to store persistent data for managing their state engines internally and compromises of a simple key-value storage API

Pairing API

Pairing API is a lightweight API for establishing an encrypted, protocol agnostic communication layer between peers. It's purpose is to provide a secure channel for proposing protocols or sending requests.