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Web3Modal will display wallets from WalletConnect's explorer, as well as any manually added wallets. If wagmi is used, it will also display connector wallets like InjectedConnector and any other user defined connectors. Depending on the user's platform (desktop or mobile) different wallet lists will be displayed.

Explorer wallets

Wallets are fetched from WalletConnect explorer based on configured chains and WalletConnect version. You can manage which wallets are displayed by using explorerAllowList or explorerDenyList options. To completely disable explorer wallets use enableExplorer option. You can submit your own wallet to explorer at

Wagmi connectors

By default Web3Modal exposes w3mConnectors utility that returns pre-configured wagmi connectors for WalletConnectConnector and InjectedConnector. You can easily override these (however WalletConnectConnector is required) or extend connectors. Please see wagmi or @wagmi/core documentation for more details. As an example:

const wagmiClient = createClient({
// ...
connectors: [...w3mConnectors({}), new CoinbaseWalletConnector({}), new SafeConnector({})]

Manual wallets

You can add additional native mobile wallets via mobileWallets or desktop ones via desktopWallets.

Change or add wallet images

You can change existing wallet images or add new ones for manual wallets by using walletImages option.