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Email Wallets

AppKit enables passwordless Web3 onboarding and authentication, allowing your users interact with your application by creating a non-custodial wallet with just their emails.


Email Wallet is available from web3modal_flutter: ^3.2.0 and higher.


In order to support Email Wallets creation just set enableEmail parameter to true in W3MService initialization.

final _w3mService = W3MService(
projectId: '{YOUR_PROJECT_ID}',
metadata: const PairingMetadata(
enableEmail: true, // OPTIONAL - false by default

Remember to whitelist your dapp's iOS's bundleId and Android's packageName in your cloud configuration.

  1. LogIn into
  2. Open Dashboard and scroll down to Mobile Application IDs menu
  3. Add your iOS Bundle ID and your Android Package Name

User Flow

  1. Users will be able to connect to you application by simply using an email address. AppKit will send to them a One Time Password (OTP) to copy and paste in the modal, which will help to verify the user's authenticity. This will create a non-custodial wallet for your user which will be available in any application that integrates AppKit and Email Wallets.

  2. Eventually the user can optionally choose to move from a non-custodial wallet to a self-custodial one by pressing "Upgrade Wallet" on AppKit. This will open the (WalletConnect secure website) that will walk your user through the upgrading process.


Due to Safari’s strict third-party cookie policies, the SDK is not preserving sessions after the app is terminated (removed from memory). So upon app termination the user will have to re-authenticate themself through a new OTP code if they want to sign. Our team is working to solve this issue soon.