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AppKit Notifications provides a toolkit for integrating Web3 notification features into apps. AppKit Notifications can be used to send notifications from your app directly to wallets.

This SDK utilizes WalletConnect's Notify API and is designed for Web3 scenarios, providing event-based notifications for activities like DAO votes, DeFi transaction alerts, and updates for NFT holders. Apps can send notifications to subscribed accounts, and users can receive and view their notifications in a supporting wallet, in the app, or in the app's frontend. Users can also discover Notify-compatible apps in their wallet or the app to subscribe to.

AppKit Notifications is not to be confused with the app which allows users to receive and manage their notifications from all apps, as they would in a wallet.


Getting Started

AppKit Notifications can be added to your app in a few steps:


Some of the key features of AppKit Notifications include:

  • Device push notifications: Push notifications to the user's wallet (if it supports Notify API) or the app.
  • Notification history: Notifications are stored and can be accessed from any device.
  • Spam protection/subscription control. Using notification types, subscribers can opt-out of certain notification types they do not want to receive.
  • Tracking read status across devices.

Subscribing and receiving notifications

Users can receive notifications in several places:

Users can also subscribe to notifications in all of the above locations too. To be discoverable in the app or in wallets, apps must submit an explorer listing.

Try it out

See the demo section for sample apps and the Web3Inbox universal inbox app.


What chains does AppKit Notifications support?

AppKit Notifications supports EOA accounts on all eip155 (EVM) chains, and smart accounts on all eip155 chains that our Blockchain API supports. We have plans to expand support in the future.