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Migration from v1.x

The migration from WalletConnect v1.0 to WalletConnect v2.0 is NOT backwards-compatible, but in this document we will list all the SDKs that you need to replace to make your transition easier. Please also note the migration schedule that we set for both Wallets and Dapps.

Migration Paths

There are different migration paths for Wallets and Dapps.

  • Wallets must support v1.0 and v2.0 in parallel.
  • Dapps will support only one version at a time.

We recommend that Dapps put v2.0 support in staging as early as possible to allow testing with Wallets.

Migration schedule

WalletConnect v2.0 is NOT backwards-compatible with v1.0. Therefore, we must coordinate a migration schedule to ensure end-users do not suffer from this transition.

Most importantly we must migrate Wallets before Dapps can start supporting v2.0. This is because Wallets can support both versions in parallel and route connection requests to corresponding clients using the version number specified in the URI present in the QR Code or Deep Link.

We will be shutting down all Cloud-hosted servers for v1.0 on 28 June 2023. Read our blog post about the v1.0 shutdown extension.

Migration Changes

The overall UX has not changed despite the internal protocol changes thus you will find an almost identical developer experience as well.

The only major difference is that we now require a projectId for all our SDKs which you can find more information here. You can get your your projectId by registering for a WalletConnect Cloud account at

The Bridge URL is no longer supported. It has been replaced with the Relay URL, which is wss://