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React Native



For React Native, the WalletConnect SignClient additionally requires @react-native-async-storage/async-storage, react-native-get-random-values and @walletconnect/react-native-compat to manage storage internally and provide all necessary polyfills.

npm install --save @walletconnect/sign-client @walletconnect/react-native-compat @react-native-async-storage/async-storage react-native-get-random-values

Set Up

Add following import before using @walletconnect/sign-client, this is usually done in your App component.

import "@walletconnect/react-native-compat";

Create Session

  1. Initiate your WalletConnect client with the relay server, using your Project ID.
import SignClient from "@walletconnect/sign-client";

const signClient = await SignClient.init({
projectId: "<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>",
metadata: {
name: "Test Wallet",
description: "Test Wallet",
url: "#",
icons: [""],