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WalletConnect v2.0 Protocol Specs

In this repository, we document and discuss features that are currently under development and experimentation. All content is highly subjected to change and in constant development, so feel free to edit, propose, discuss, comment, rant, etc. If you want to start a technical discussion, just open a PR or an issue.

Sign API

Sign is a remote signer protocol to communicate securely between web3 wallets and dapps.

Auth API

Auth is an authentication protocol that can be used to log-in blockchain wallets into apps.

Push API

Push is a push notification protocol that enables apps to notify users of both off-chain and on-chain events.

Chat API

Chat is a direct messaging protocol that can enable wallets to message each other.

Core API

Core API consolidates several core modules that are shared between all other high-level APIs.

Relay Server

Relay server routes messages between clients using publish-subscribe pattern with topic-based routing.