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Dapp Usage

Configure Networking and Pair clients

Make sure that you properly configure Networking and Pair Clients first.

Subscribe for Sign publishers

When your Sign instance receives requests from a peer it will publish related event. So you should set subscription to handle them.

To track sessions subscribe to sessionsPublisher publisher

.receive(on: DispatchQueue.main)
.sink { [unowned self] (sessions: [Session]) in
// reload UI
}.store(in: &publishers)

Following publishers are available to subscribe:

    public var sessionsPublisher: AnyPublisher<[Session], Never>
public var sessionProposalPublisher: AnyPublisher<Session.Proposal, Never>
public var sessionRequestPublisher: AnyPublisher<Request, Never>
public var socketConnectionStatusPublisher: AnyPublisher<SocketConnectionStatus, Never>
public var sessionSettlePublisher: AnyPublisher<Session, Never>
public var sessionDeletePublisher: AnyPublisher<(String, Reason), Never>
public var sessionResponsePublisher: AnyPublisher<Response, Never>
public var sessionRejectionPublisher: AnyPublisher<(Session.Proposal, Reason), Never>
public var sessionUpdatePublisher: AnyPublisher<(sessionTopic: String, namespaces: [String : SessionNamespace]), Never>
public var sessionEventPublisher: AnyPublisher<(event: Session.Event, sessionTopic: String, chainId: Blockchain?), Never>
public var sessionUpdateExpiryPublisher: AnyPublisher<(sessionTopic: String, expiry: Date), Never>

Connect Clients

  1. Prepare namespaces that constraints minimal requirements for your dApp:
let methods: Set<String> = ["eth_sendTransaction", "personal_sign", "eth_signTypedData"]
let blockchains: Set<Blockchain> = [Blockchain("eip155:1")!, Blockchain("eip155:137")!]
let namespaces: [String: ProposalNamespace] = ["eip155": ProposalNamespace(chains: blockchains, methods: methods, events: []]

To learn more on namespaces, check out our specs.

  1. Your App should generate a pairing URI and share it with a wallet. Uri can be presented as a QR code or sent via a universal link. Wallet begins subscribing for session proposals after receiving URI. In order to create a pairing and send a session proposal, you need to call the following:
let uri = try await Pair.instance.create()
try await Sign.instance.connect(requiredNamespaces: namespaces, topic: uri.topic)

Send Request to the Wallet

Once the session has been established sessionSettlePublisher will publish an event. Your dApp can start requesting wallet now.

let method = "personal_sign"
let requestParams = AnyCodable(["0x4d7920656d61696c206973206a6f686e40646f652e636f6d202d2031363533333933373535313531", "0x9b2055d370f73ec7d8a03e965129118dc8f5bf83"])
let request = Request(topic: session.topic, method: method, params: requestParams, chainId: Blockchain(chainId)!)
try await Sign.instance.request(params: request)

When wallet respond sessionResponsePublisher will publish an event so you can verify the response.

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