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Web3Inbox is in alpha development

The Web3Inbox SDK provides a toolkit for integrating web3 communications messaging features into dapps. It utilizes WalletConnect's Notify and Chat APIs to support app notifications and wallet-to-wallet messaging, enhancing user interaction and feature availability.

The Web3Inbox SDK offers tools to incorporate web3 messaging capabilities into dapps. It leverages WalletConnect's Notify and Chat APIs for dapp notifications and direct messaging between wallets.

Notify is designed for web3 scenarios, providing event-based notifications for activities like DAO votes, DeFi transaction alerts, and updates for NFT holders.

Chat facilitates direct messaging between wallets, support chats for dapps, and interactions with automated bots.



Use Cases​

Dapp Notifications​

Dapps can send web3-native messages directly to wallets with device push notifications. Reach users instantly with real-time notifications such as DAO proposals, token launches, NFT drops, and more.

Wallet Messaging​

Enable users to chat and transact with any wallet securely via wallet-wallet encrypted, author-authenticated messaging.

Dapp Support & Messaging​

Improve customer relationships with 1-1 support chats and reach your users even when they’re offline


Some of the key features of the Web3Inbox SDK include:

  • E2E encryption: Messages that run through the WalletConnect protocol are end-to-end encrypted, always.
  • Device push notifications.
  • Notifications history: Messages published through the relay server are stored.
  • Spam protection/subscription control.

Getting Started​

Web3Inbox can be integrated with the following approach:

  • Core components: For a fully-customized experience. Bring-your-own components.

Try it out​

See the demo section for sample apps and the Web3Inbox universal inbox app.