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How can I add a native or extension wallet to Web3Modal?

Web3Modal fetches wallet information from WalletConnect explorer. In order to add your wallet to it, please submit your project at

What is the difference between standalone and other packages?

Standalone works with any chain using our Sign SDK. It is meant for more advanced users and does not come with features like extension wallets, account view etc.

How can I use the ethers provider with wagmi?

For wagmi, use useProvider and useSigner hooks. Alternatively, for @wagmi/core, use getProvider and getSigner actions.

How can I use the web3js provider?

You will first need to obtain an ethers.js provider from wagmi and then convert it to a web3.js compatible one. You may find a package such as ethers-to-web3 to be useful.

Do you offer support for installing the script via a CDN?

No, not at the present time. However, while we are working on one, you can easily compile the library using tools such as Vite or Webpack and expose everything you need on window object.

Why can't I connect to a wallet when testing locally on mobile?

When testing locally on a mobile device, you will need to ensure that your app uses https instead of http protocol, otherwise majority of wallets will decline the connection. You could use a tool like localtunnel for this.

How to Test Mobile Wallet Compatibility

  1. Visit
  2. Open your browser's developer tools and navigate to the Console tab.
  3. Paste the following code snippet into the console and press Enter:
2: {
image: "",
name: "",
links: {
native: "rainbow://",
universal: "https://..."

Replace the https://... placeholder in the universal link with the appropriate URL.

This will make your mobile wallet, such as Rainbow Wallet, appear as a recent wallet in Web3Modal, allowing you to test its compatibility.