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Standalone package is for advanced users, you might be looking for HTML or React packages.

Special and lightweight standalone mode that allows you to use Web3Modal anywhere, with any chain and any development tool. This comes in useful if you are not using wagmi or already manage other connections for say injected wallets yourself. You are responsible for managing Sign SDK and obtaining a pairing uri that can be passed to Web3Modal's open method to display relevant wallets and qr code.

Obtain Project ID

Unlike previously, projectId is required here as it is also used by Sign SDK. Head over to WalletConnect Cloud to sign in or sign up. Create (or use an existing) project and copy its associated Project ID. We will need this in a later step.

Add Packages

npm install @walletconnect/sign-client @web3modal/standalone


import SignClient from "@walletconnect/sign-client";
import { Web3Modal } from "@web3modal/standalone";


See configuration docs for full Web3Modal options list.

If you do not know your standaloneChains in advance, they can be passed later to web3modal.openModal method.

const web3Modal = new Web3Modal({
projectId: "<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>",
standaloneChains: ["eip155:1"],
const signClient = await SignClient.init({ projectId: "<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>" });

Create pairing and open the modal

const { uri, approval } = await signClient.connect({
requiredNamespaces: {
eip155: {
methods: ["eth_sign"],
chains: ["eip155:1"],
events: ["accountsChanged"],

if (uri) {
web3Modal.openModal({ uri, standaloneChains: ["eip155:1"] });
await approval();