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For those integrating notifications related to wallet pairing and sign requests, please check here.

The WalletConnect Notify API is designed to enhance the interaction between wallet users and dapps by offering a robust notification system. This API empowers wallet developers to implement a dynamic notification experience directly within their wallets. It provides the functionality for users to opt-in to notifications, ensuring they stay informed about critical events and interactions.

The Notify API is versatile, with support for both iOS and Android platforms, making it an ideal choice for cross-platform wallet applications.

Coupled with the AppKit Notifications, the Notify API forms part of a comprehensive toolkit that enables seamless integration of web3 communication and messaging features into dapps. This ensures a more connected and interactive experience for users in the decentralized ecosystem.


Some of the key features of the Notify API include:

  • Push Notifications for Desktop and Native Platforms: This feature enables dapps to directly send vital notifications to user wallets, ensuring timely and relevant communication.
  • Robust Spam Protection: Users have complete authority over which dapps can send them notifications, effectively eliminating any unsolicited messages from unknown sources. Furthermore, users can fine-tune their preferences to only receive notifications types they are interested in, like new features or some important events occurence.
  • Chain Agnostic Architecture: The Notify API is built to be compatible with any blockchain, allowing seamless multi-chain support without the need for writing additional integration code. As of November 2023, the Notify Server and Clients are equipped to support EVM chains. Plans to extend support to non-EVM chains are in progress and are a significant part of our upcoming development roadmap.

Example integration Web3Inbox