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On-Ramp securely provides users access to over 100 cryptocurrencies from right within your app. In just a few clicks, users can purchase tokens to support in-app activity and transactions across multiple chains. Set up in minutes with just one line of code.

Get Started

Process Overview

AppKit On-Ramp makes it easy for users to purchase crypto without the hassle of switching between multiple platforms and signing multiple messages - a simple, seamless, in-app experience for anyone looking to securely transact within web3.

For a step-by-step guide on user flow with AppKit On-Ramp, refer to our Youtube video here.


On-Ramp is supported in the latest version of AppKit. If you are using an older version, make sure you upgrade.

Connect your wallet

Head over to a AppKit-enabled application and click the "Connect Wallet" button. You will be prompted to connect your wallet.

Select "Buy Crypto"

Once connected, select "Buy Crypto" from the wallet modal.

Choose your provider

Select "Coinbase" as your provider.

Complete your purchase

Complete your purchase using Coinbase Pay. You will be prompted to sign in to your Coinbase account. If the payment page does not appear, you can copy link from the wallet modal and paste it in your browser.

Select assets and amount

Choose the asset and amount you would like to purchase from Coinbase.

Receive your crypto

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive your crypto in your wallet.