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Project ID

The Project ID is consumed through URL parameters.

URL parameters used:

Example URL:

This can be instantiated from the client with the projectId in the SignClient constructor.

import SignClient from "@walletconnect/sign-client";
const signClient = await SignClient.init({
projectId: "c4f79cc821944d9680842e34466bfb",


Limit access to known HTTP origin.

Possible values for the origin value:

  • <scheme>://<hostname>
  • <scheme>://<hostname>:<port>
  • <scheme>://*.<hostname>

Adding to the allowlist will only allow requests from that origin. Requests from other origins will be denied. Using localhost (or is also always permitted. Updates take 15 minutes to apply.

Error Codes

ReasonError Code
Project ID doesn't exist OR JWT is expired401
Exists and is invalid403
Too many requests1013

Websocket Close Codes

1001Server terminatingYes
4008Client stale: connected without a prior subscription and is not sending dataWhen needed
4010Load RebalancingYes

Best Practices

  • Create a new projectId for each project. This allows for more granular control, dedicated explorer listings, and project metrics.
  • Don't reuse a projectId.
  • Use the AllowList to limit unauthorized usage.
  • Avoid committing projects keys to the repo. Use env variables instead.