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Signing the message: “I further authorize this app to send me notifications”

When subscribing to notifications from an app that uses Web3Inbox, you'll likely be presented with a signature request that reads the following message:

I further authorize this app to send me notifications. Read more at

For any signature request, it’s critical that you always read the message attached before signing to fully understand the permissions you’re granting.

By signing this request, you’re allowing the app to:

  • Subscribe you to notifications from only this app
  • Manage your notifications for only this app
  • View your notifications from only this app

The app will not be able to:

  • Sign blockchain transactions or additional messages
  • Subscribe to, manage, or view notifications from other apps

Most apps that send notifications using Web3Inbox will request for you to sign this message—this will allow the app to simply interact with you directly. If you wish to opt-in to receive notifications from this app, signing this message will enable you to do so.

If you’ve signed up to notifications but have received a different message, head here to learn about other scenarios in which you may receive a signature request regarding notifications.

Example wallet signature requests