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The Web3Modal SDK allows you to easily connect your Web3 app with wallets. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for requesting actions such as signing transactions and interacting with smart contracts on the blockchain.

⚡️ QuickStart

Setup a dapp with Web3Modal in minutes!

npx create-wc-dapp@latest -y w3m

Get Started


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Some of the key features of the Web3Modal SDK include:

  • Support for multiple frameworks. Easily integrate with React, Vue, Svelte, vanilla JavaScript, and more.
  • EIP-6963. support for browser extension wallets.
  • Email Wallets.. Allow users to seamlessly connect to dapps with their email address.
  • OnRamp. Enable users to buy crypto with fiat currency.
  • Customizable UI. Choose between light and dark modes and accent colors, or even infuse it with your own branding.
  • Multi-chain ready. Easily set up support for any EVM chain.
  • Hundreds of Wallets. Connect with MetaMask, Rainbow, Coinbase and many more.
  • Transaction History. View all transactions from the account view.