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Web3Modal Email Wallets

Web3Modal SDK enables passwordless Web3 onboarding (no seed phrases) and authentication. It offers blazing-fast, hardware-secured, passwordless login, Web3 onboarding, and access to over 20 blockchains with a few lines of code β€” even if you have an existing auth solution.

Get Started​

Process Overview​

Connecting with Web3Modal's Email Wallet is a simple and secure process for both new and existing users. It allows users to sign in with their email address via a One Time Password (OTP) sent to their email.

User enters email​

User opens Web3Modal and enters their email address.

Email with OTP sent​

If the user is not already registered or signing in from a new device, an email is sent with a link to approve login. An email is sent to the user's email address with a One Time Password.

User enters OTP​

User enters the OTP from email and clicks "Login".

User is Connected​

A dedicated Web3 account is created for the user and the user is logged in.

Migrating to Self Custody​

Users can easily migrate to self custody solution in a few clicks. This allows users to take full control of their account and assets.

Upgrade your wallet​

User clicks "Upgrade your wallet" in the modal to start the migration process.

WalletConnect Secure​

User is redirected to WalletConnect Secure to complete the migration process.

Migrate to Self Custody​

Once they are redirected to WalletConnect Secure, the user can migrate to a self custody solution. This process can be divided into 3 steps:

  1. Connect your new wallet
  2. Export your recovery phrase
  3. Import it into your new wallet

Upon completion, they have successfully migrated to a self custody solution.


The user can still use their email to login with Web3Modal, but now they have full control of their account and assets.