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Custom Chains

Custom Chain addition and selection

You can add your own custom chain to the W3MChainPresets.chains object before initialization:

Like so...

W3MChainPresets.chains.putIfAbsent('<chainID>', () => <Your W3MChainInfo>);
await _w3mService.init();

If you modify the presets (add/remove chains), it will reflect in the W3MNetworkSelectButton widget.

Or you can select your own chain by calling the selectChain() method from W3MService after initialization:.

await _w3mService.init();
_w3mService.selectChain(<Your W3MChainInfo>);

By using this option, your custom chain is not going to be added to the list of presets, so it's not going to show up in the W3MNetworkSelectButton. Use this method if you are not going to display W3MNetworkSelectButton.


The chain must be EVM compatible

The list of chain presets can be found in w3m_chains_presets.dart which is already exported for you to use directly from web3modal package.