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List of events you can subscribe to in order to get connection updates


These methods are only available when connecting through WalletConnect protocol. Since Coinbase Wallet uses it own connection channel, these methods are not available when user connects with it.

// A connection is settled
_w3mService.onModalConnect.subscribe((ModalConnect? event) {});
// A connection is deleted (disconnected)
_w3mService.onModalDisconnect.subscribe((ModalDisconnect? event) {});
// An error occurs during connection
_w3mService.onModalError.subscribe((ModalError? event) {});
// A session expires
_w3mService.onSessionExpireEvent.subscribe((SessionExpire? event) {});
// A session data is updated
_w3mService.onSessionUpdateEvent.subscribe((SessionUpdate? event) {});
// A request event is happening
_w3mService.onSessionEventEvent.subscribe((SessionEvent? event) {});