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Email Wallets

Web3Modal SDK enables passwordless Web3 onboarding and authentication, allowing your users interact with your application by creating a non-custodial wallet with just their emails.


Email wallets are supported in the latest version of Web3Modal. If you are using an older version, make sure to upgrade.


If you're using the defaultWagmiConfig function you can enable email login by just adding enableEmail: true as a configuration parameter.

const wagmiConfig = defaultWagmiConfig({
enableEmail: true // Optional - false by default

User Flow

  1. Users will be able to connect to you application by simply using an email address. Web3Modal will send to them a One Time Password (OTP) to copy and paste in the modal, which will help to verify the user's authenticity. This will create a non-custodial wallet for your user which will be available in any application that integrates Web3Modal and email login.

  2. Eventually the user can optionally choose to move from a non-custodial wallet to a self-custodial one by pressing "Upgrade Wallet" on Web3Modal. This will open the (WalletConnect secure website) that will walk your user through the upgrading process.