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The Web3Wallet SDK allows you to easily connect your Web3 wallet with dapps. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for dapps to request actions such as signing transactions and interacting with smart contracts on the blockchain. The SDK is designed to work with any blockchain, making it easy to support multiple chains without the need for separate integration code.


Some of the key features of the Web3Wallet SDK include:

  • Sign API: Allows dapps to request that the user sign a transaction or message.
  • Auth API: Allows dapps to verify wallet address ownership through a single signature request, realizing login in one action.
  • Chain agnostic: The Web3Wallet SDK is designed to work with any blockchain, so you can easily support multiple chains without having to write separate integration code.

Getting Started

To get started with the Web3Wallet SDK, choose the programming language you'll be using to build your project. The SDK is available in JavaScript, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, and C# so you can choose the language that best fits your development needs.


Install the Web3Wallet SDK using npm or yarn.

npm install @walletconnect/web3wallet

Next Steps

Now that you've installed Web3Wallet SDK, you're ready to start integrating it. The next section will walk you through the process of setting up your project to use the SDK.