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Wallet Call API

WalletConnect supports EIP-5792, which defines new JSON-RPC methods that enable apps to ask a wallet to process a batch of onchain write calls and to check on the status of those calls. Applications can specify that these onchain calls be executed taking advantage of specific capabilities previously expressed by the wallet; an additional, a novel wallet RPC is defined to enable apps to query the wallet for those capabilities.

  • wallet_sendCalls: Requests that a wallet submits a batch of calls.
  • wallet_getCallsStatus: Returns the status of a call batch that was sent via wallet_sendCalls.
  • wallet_showCallsStatus: Requests that a wallet shows information about a given call bundle that was sent with wallet_sendCalls.
  • wallet_getCapabilities: This RPC allows an application to request capabilities from a wallet (e.g. batch transactions, paymaster communication).