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Web3Inbox is in beta

The WalletConnect Notify API allows wallet developers to build engaging notification experiences with dapps. It enables the end users to subscribe to and receive notifications to their wallet.

For those looking to add notifications for pairing and sign requests, please check here.

The SDK is cross-platform supporting iOS and Android wallets.

Notify API works together with the WalletConnect Web3Inbox SDK providing a toolkit for integrating web3 communications messaging features into dapps.


Notify API is available via Swift Package Manager or Cocoapods.

You can add the WalletConnect Notify package to your project with the Swift Package Manager. In order to do that:

  1. Open XCode
  2. Go to File -> Add Packages
  3. Paste the repo GitHub URL:
  4. Tap Add Package
  5. Select WalletConnectNotify check mark

Next Steps

Now that you've installed WalletConnect Notify, you're ready to start integrating it. The next section will walk you through the process of setting up your project to use the Notify API.