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Spam Protection

Users play a critical role in web3. That’s why, with Web3Inbox, we’re committed to ensuring users can enjoy a safe, seamless, and reliable experience that puts them in the driver’s seat. As part of that pledge, Web3Inbox provides a number of user-first, anti-spam features and elements that ensure users are always in control of their web3 communications.

How are users protected from spam with Web3Inbox?

Becoming a Web3Inbox customer

When a wallet offers app notifications to their users via Web3Inbox, the feature will always be optional. If users decide they want to receive notifications from selected apps via their wallet, they’ll be able to ‘opt-in’ and subscribe to an app’s notifications by signing a message request. Similarly, when accessing notifications through the app, users will be met with the same request for each application they choose to subscribe to. This feature not only enables users to experience a customized, ‘app-by-app’ approach to staying connected in web3, but also ensures they only ever hear from the apps they choose to — no unsolicited notifications or spam from unknown senders. Its their curated inbox, connected with only those they choose.

Setting customized notification preferences

Once users have subscribed to their chosen apps, they have the option to define and set which types of notifications they receive from those apps. For example, a user may wish to receive only information regarding changes to their portfolio from a DEX, or, they might want to receive notifications from an NFT marketplace — but only notifications regarding their own NFT collections. In these scenarios, they’ll have the ability to disable other notification types, like marketing updates, and ensure their feed is curated to show only information that’s meaningful to them. As apps set their own notification types, they have unlimited optionality to really build out a notification structure they know can support their users’ needs — no ‘one size fits all’ approach, but a personable, community-oriented structure that puts both app and user needs’ at the forefront of communication.

Rate limiting

Apps are limited to a maximum number of notifications they’re able to send to their community. Specifically, apps may send accounts notifications twice an hour on average, but may exceeed that average in bursts of up to 50 at a time.

Our continued pledge on spam protection

We’re constantly working on improving and growing our products, and we have a number of impactful anti-spam features and functions in the works set to increase the overall protection and user experience of Web3Inbox users:

User reporting

Users will have the ability to report applications that appear to be acting or engaging with their community in a malicious or suspicious manner. Projects that are flagged as malicious may be removed from the Web3Inbox discover page and have notification functionality disabled.