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Universal Provider


Web3Modal SDK v3 is out! Learn how to integrate it here

Universal Provider is a multi-chain provider for WalletConnect v2 protocol.


npm install @walletconnect/universal-provider


import { ethers } from "ethers";
import UniversalProvider from "@walletconnect/universal-provider";

// Initialize the provider
const provider = await UniversalProvider.init({
logger: "info",
relayUrl: "ws://<relay-url>",
projectId: "12345678",
metadata: {
name: "React App",
description: "React App for WalletConnect",
url: "",
icons: [""],
client: undefined, // optional instance of @walletconnect/sign-client

// create sub providers for each namespace/chain
await provider.connect({
optionalNamespaces: {
eip155: {
methods: [
chains: ["eip155:80001"],
events: ["chainChanged", "accountsChanged"],
rpcMap: {
"<your walletconnect project id>",
pairingTopic: "<123...topic>", // optional topic to connect to
skipPairing: false, // optional to skip pairing ( later it can be resumed by invoking .pair())

// Create Web3 Provider
const web3Provider = new ethers.providers.Web3Provider(provider);


// Subscribe for pairing URI
provider.on("display_uri", (uri) => {
console.log("display_uri", uri);

// Subscribe to session ping
provider.on("session_ping", ({ id, topic }) => {
console.log("session_ping", id, topic);

// Subscribe to session event
provider.on("session_event", ({ event, chainId }) => {
console.log("session_event", event, chainId);

// Subscribe to session update
provider.on("session_update", ({ topic, params }) => {
console.log("session_update", topic, params);

// Subscribe to session delete
provider.on("session_delete", ({ id, topic }) => {
console.log("session_delete", id, topic);

Provider Methods

interface RequestArguments {
method: string;
params?: any[] | undefined;

// Send JSON RPC requests

* @param payload
* @param chain - optionally specify which chain should handle this request
* in the format `<namespace>:<chainId>` e.g. `eip155:1`
const result = await provider.request(payload: RequestArguments, chain: string | undefined);


const web3 = new Web3(provider);

// default chainId is the FIRST chain during setup
const chainId = await web3.eth.getChainId();

// set the default chain to 56
provider.setDefaultChain(`eip155:56`, rpcUrl?: string | undefined);

// get the updated default chainId
const updatedDefaultChainId = await web3.eth.getChainId();

Creating a provider file

  • Create a file under providers/universal-provider/src/providers/<NAMESPACE>.ts
  • Implement the IProvider interface
  • In the IProvider.request method, there should be a check for whether or not to run the request against the wallet or the blockchain. this.namespace.methods should only contain the methods supported by the wallet.
  • The rest of the methods of the class are very similar, mainly centering around httpProvider and for the most part will be 90% similar to other providers given similar structure of chainId. For example eip155:1 or solana:mainnetBeta.
  • Export provider under providers/universal-provider/src/providers/index.ts