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Shared Core Instance


The following content are only available for JavaScript.

WalletConnect's SDKs are designed to share common logic and resources via the @walletconnect/core package.

If you intend to leverage multiple SDKs together (e.g. Sign + Auth), it is highly recommended to instantiate a single Core instance and pass it to the relevant SDKs. This avoids each SDK creating its own Core instance, and thus duplicating computation, memory allocation, event listeners etc.

In the following example, we first instantiate a Core instance, and then proceed to instantiate both the Sign and Auth SDK with this shared Core:

import { Core } from '@walletconnect/core'
import SignClient from '@walletconnect/sign-client'
import { AuthClient } from '@walletconnect/auth-client'

// First instantiate a separate `Core` instance.
const core = new Core({
projectId: '<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>'

const metadata = {
name: 'Example Dapp',
description: 'Example Dapp',
url: '#',
icons: ['']

// Pass `core` to the SignClient on init.
const signClient = await SignClient.init({ core, metadata })

// Pass `core` to the AuthClient on init.
const authClient = await AuthClient.init({ core, metadata })