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WalletConnect Chat is a direct messaging protocol that can enable wallets to message each other. The Chat API allows wallet users to message 1-on-1 with other wallet users in the WalletConnect network by using wallet addresses as identities to establish end-to-end messaging between peers.

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The WalletConnect Chat SDK is currently in Alpha and is not production-ready.

Its public API and associated documentation may still see significant and breaking changes.

Install Packages

Install the WalletConnect ChatClient package.

npm install @walletconnect/chat-client @walletconnect/sync-client @walletconnect/core

If you are using the SDK on a server (such as Node.js), you will need to install an additional package:

npm install lokijs --save

This step is not required if you are using the SDK on the browser-side.

Next Steps

The next section will walk you through the process of setting up your project to use the library.