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Getting Started

What is WalletConnect?​

WalletConnect is an open-source protocol that allows you to connect your mobile wallet to different decentralized applications and other wallets. Historically this has been done through a QR code, which establishes a secure end-to-end encrypted connection between the two devices. This allows you to interact with dapps and sign transactions securely from your mobile wallet.

WalletConnect SDKs​

WalletConnect provides a suite of SDKs to help you build your dapp or wallet. Whether you're a dapp developer or a wallet developer, we've got you covered.


For Dapp Developers

The Web3Modal SDK allows you to easily connect your Web3 dapp with wallets. The only wallet connection library you'll ever need.

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For Wallet Developers

The Web3Wallet SDK allows you to easily connect your Web3 wallet with dapps. Connecting your wallet has never been easier.

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For Notifications

The Web3Inbox SDK provides a toolkit for integrating Web3 notification features into apps. Never miss a notification again.

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WalletConnect Cloud​

WalletConnect Cloud app is exclusively for developers, and is used for project and explorer management. It allows you to create, manage and view analytics for your projects. You can also submit your project to the WalletConnect explorer for users to discover.

WalletConnect Explorer​

WalletConnect Explorer allows users to discover WalletConnect-enabled dapps and wallets. For developers, Explorer API currently offers the following functionality:

  • Listings : Allows for fetching of wallets and dApps listed in the WalletConnect Cloud Explorer.
  • Logos : Provides logo assets in different sizes for a given Cloud explorer entry.

Advanced Usage​

Chain Onboarding​

The WalletConnect protocol is multi-chain by design. By using the CAIP-25 standard, WalletConnect aims to provide a standardized process for onboarding new chains into our ecosystem. To get started, refer to our Chain Onboarding Guide.


WalletConnect offers two types of providers for interactions: EthereumProvider and UniversalProvider.


EthereumProvider is a provider that is designed to work with Ethereum-compatible chains. More information about EthereumProvider can be found here


UniversalProvider is a provider that is designed to work with any blockchain that adheres to the CAIP-25 Standards. More information about UniversalProvider can be found here



WalletConnectModal is intended for advanced use cases. It lacks various features compared to Web3Modal like Desktop Wallet connection, EIP-6963, etc. If you are looking for a simple way to connect your dapp to a user's wallet, we recommend using Web3Modal.

WalletConnectModal is a simple UI library intended for advanced use cases where users manage connections strings and associated WalletConnect API's themselves. It is designed to be used with EthereumProvider and UniversalProvider. WalletConnectModal offers the following platform support:

  • Web
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • C#

More information about WalletConnectModal can be found here