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Dapp Usage


Auth API is in the process of being greatly simplified, and will involve breaking changes. Please stand by.


For an example implementation, please refer to our react-dapp-auth example.

1. Initialize your WalletConnect AuthClient, using your Project ID.

import AuthClient from '@walletconnect/auth-client'

const authClient = await AuthClient.init({
projectId: '<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>',
metadata: {
name: 'my-auth-dapp',
description: 'A dapp using WalletConnect AuthClient',
url: '',
icons: ['']

2. Subscribe to auth_response.


To listen to pairing-related events, please follow the guidance for Pairing API event listeners.

authClient.on('auth_response', ({ params }) => {
if (Boolean(params.result?.s)) {
// Response contained a valid signature -> user is authenticated.
} else {
// Handle error or invalid signature case

You can derive the users' wallet address by destructing and splitting params.result.p.iss.

const { iss } = params.result.p
const walletAddress = iss.split(':')[4]
// "0x977aeFEC1879160eC9560cd16f08e12B6DF52ed1"

For the full log of the params object:

id: 1674070525664600,
jsonrpc: "2.0",
result: {
h: {
t: "eip4361"
p: {
aud: "http://localhost:3000/",
domain: "localhost",
version: "1",
nonce: "dl9Xu8ICZZ0dj4VUS",
ia": "2023-01-18T19:35:25.664Z",
statement: "Sign in with wallet.",
iss: "did:pkh:eip155:1:0x977aeFEC1879160eC9560cd16f08e12B6DF52ed1"
s: {
s: "0x9edd446e150fad96ec24ab60c697055dc7c7815cc84a727cafa4a5a0d6f09909764332e14f8bee2430b81e6e4169c3b5bb5cbf7931a569ae78bffc953c8b6a7f1c",
t: "eip191"

3. Request Authentication

Update your import to include generateNonce.

import AuthClient, { generateNonce } from '@walletconnect/auth-client'

// ...

const { uri } = await authClient.request({
domain: '<YOUR_DOMAIN>',
chainId: 'eip155:1',
type: 'eip4361',
nonce: generateNonce()

The uri can then be displayed as a QRCode or as a deep link.

Example deep link (preferred for desktop wallets):


Example universal link (preferred for mobile wallets):{uri}