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V3 Beta


This documentation is for Web3Modal v3 which is currently in Beta. You can find Web3Modal v2 documentation here



The Web3Modal SDK allows you to easily connect your Web3 dapp with wallets. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for dapps to request actions such as signing transactions and interacting with smart contracts on the blockchain. The SDK is designed to work with any blockchain, making it easy to support multiple chains without the need for separate integration code.

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Try out Web3Modal v3 demo here


Some of the key features of the Web3Modal SDK include:

  • Support for multiple frameworks. Easily integrate with React, Vue, Vite, and more.
  • Customizable UI. Choose between light and dark modes and accent colors, or even infuse it with your own branding.
  • Multi-chain ready. Easily set up support for EVM and non-EVM chains.
  • Hundreds of Wallets. Connect with MetaMask, Rainbow, Coinbase and many more.